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SAP Note Chrome Extension

While at work, I thought of a quick way to speed up some of the waiting time that both developers and our process teams deal with every day. I finally had a "good" reason to try my hand at a Chrome Extension...

Handling External Links

How to handle user experience on your site with external links

My Experience with Pelican

Pelican has gotten me from 0 to what you're reading right now over the course of 2 days. How did it go?

Hello, World!

The new home for me on the Internet

Commit Aggregator

A quick visual of your activity across major online source control platforms with Git commits

FCC Net Neutrality Public Comments

Visualize what cities are saying to the FCC in their public comments

Casul IRC Bot

An interactive IRC bot for

Git-TF Migration PowerShell

PowerShell script to assist migrating TFVC projects across TFS Collections (or servers) using Git

Who Is It - Android

Android app to modify ringtone based on phone number matches

Local Boards

Local Boards for Douglas County